July 1, 2009

Private Heroism

A very nice story out of Iowa about a woman trapped in the roil of a dam... rescue attempts failed until a construction crew, on hand for other work, lowered a worker on a crane to save her.

Oglesbee was reluctant to give his name or be interviewed when first approached by members of the media. He later allowed a couple of questions before returning to work. The crew from Cramer & Associates was on hand to construct the high-arching Center Street pedestrian bridge.When asked if he volunteered to be rigged to the crane, Oglesbee said he just happened to be wearing the harness. Joe Lowe operated the crane that suspended Oglesbee above the water.

"They just harnessed me up and dipped me down in the water and I grabbed her and the crane drug her to the boat and that's it," Oglesbee said. "What are you going to do if she's like that? It's no big deal. The whole crew did it."
The dramatic rescue was met with cheers from spectators who had gathered on the banks of the river and nearby bridges after the boat the woman was in went over the Center Street dam.

I think he should have stuck with not talking to the media... the intensity of these types of rescues can wreak havoc on your mental state and adding the media spotlight makes the whole thing even worse.

That said... well done!

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