August 15, 2008

Not Even At $10 A Gallon?


Amy said...

It is a fantasy solution. It's neither a short-term nor long-term solution. What a waste of time to be debating this. It would be more productive to enact legislation that actually does something about the energy crisis.

Dan said...

I'm all for it! Let's enact the legislation that actually solves the energy crisis.

Oh, uh... which legislation is that?

Bottom line, not to explore for oil here seems elitist... the position being, "why mess up American shores when we can go ahead and buy our oil from Brazil, or Canada, or Russia or the Middle East."

America has much better environmental controls, much better equipment and much more experience than most of the places we buy our oil... it would be better for not only our pocket books, our economy, our unemployed and our environment for America to obtain her own oil wherever possible.

Because of the current bans in place, there has been virtual no exploration for offshore oil, so all we have available is estimates of what's our there and those range from 90 billion barrels of oil and 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas upwards... not to mention oil shale which could be turned into upwards of 800 billion barrels of fuel.

All those things would lower costs and allow time for legislation toward building more nuclear plants or wind farms or solar farms, if that's where Congress wants to go.

Fantasy doesn't seem the right word for half a century of American oil... it seems more appropriate for barely glimpsed solutions of the future.