August 27, 2008

Guilt by Association

I'm not one to assume guilt by association, but this essay, about the night when the Weather Underground bombers tried to burn a judge and his family alive while they were sleeping, makes me realize just how horrible it is that Barack Obama has been friendly with Bill Ayers.  I don't think we study history enough in our lives, I certainly didn't remember the Weather Underground bombings though I was twelve at the time... and none of my kids seemed to study those rather recent times in any details beyond the Civil Rights movement and the peaceful Anti-War demonstrations.  I understand that Bill Ayers never did jail time because of FBI misconduct in their investigation against him... it is clear, though, from his own current statements that he was a central member and designed the bombs.  That Ayers is active in Chicago politics and on boards having to do with education says a lot about Chicago... that Senator Obama has any dealings with Ayers at all says a lot about him, as well.  It seems Democrats and Senator Obama have no problem turning their backs on Fox News, shunning the network because of its perceived political positions... that they don't do the same, that Barack Obama hasn't done the same, to Ayers is remarkable.

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