May 6, 2008

Primary Day at last

I don't know about you, but we have been swamped not only with commercials on radio and TV, but with mail, phone calls and even doorknob hangers asking us to vote for Senator Barack Obama.  Clinton?  Not so much... not any mailers, not any phone calls, not even any streetwalkers (Bill Clinton pun intended).  Republicans?  Nothing at all.  So who should get our vote today?  Operation Chaos is nudging Righties to cross over and vote for Senator Clinton -- just so the Democrats will continue spending their money defeating each other.  That, of course, would be against the law unless your intent is to vote Democratic in November.  (When did Indiana start criminalizing intent?) 

On the Republican side, Ron Paul remains in the race with his radical revisioning of America, despite John McCain already having enough delegates to win the nomination.  This is more like what Hoosiers are used to in the primaries -- come out and vote for the winner... or not, whatever.

Exciting Choices!  At least that's what the TV tells me.

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