May 16, 2008

Pistorius Allowed

I wrote about Oscar Pistorius before, here.  He's the double amputee who's trying to make the South African Olympic team in the 400 meter dash.  Originally, a ruling as made that would not allow him in the Olympics because his high tech, Cheetah Flex-Foot legs might just give him an advantage over real, flesh and blood legs.  Well, that ruling has been overturned.  He still has to lower his best time of 46.56 down to 45.55 in order to qualify. 

I thought, and continue to think, that the original ruling was correct.  Taking nothing away from Mr. Pistorius' inspirational story, would he be allowed on the Olympic Swim Team if he swapped his spring legs out for flippers and started breaking world records?  Tell me, if you can't take a pill to improve your performance, what sense does it make to allow modifying your body parts to improve your performance?

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