May 2, 2008

Mayor Ellis Said What?

Obama faces race issue in fight for small Indiana towns

Ted Ellis, mayor of Bluffton about an hour away [from Martinsville], is endorsing Obama because he thinks his approach is "more calm and reasoned."

But race is an issue in his town, he says.

"I think a lot of undecided voters aren't really undecided. They're just not saying. Who will tell you that race is a deciding factor?"

Bluffton, like dozens of other Indiana towns, once warned blacks to be indoors by nightfall or gone from town altogether after spending the day working as porters and waiters.

"A lot of those mindsets die hard," says Ellis, who had welcoming signs promoting an "inclusive community" posted at the town limits.

"You don't turn this ship on a dime. You just try and make sure you're not making any more mistakes."

Well, well, "Race is an issue" in Bluffton where the mindset that Blacks need to be indoors by nightfall is dying hard and voters aren't "undecided" they're racist. Thanks so much for putting a good face on Wells County, Mayor.

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