July 9, 2010

Obama: 15th of 43

238 presidential scholars ranked the presidents for the 5th time since 1982.  For the fifth time in a row, FDR took the top spot.  This time saw President George W. Bush fall from 23rd to 39th and President Obama entered the list at 15th.

According to the survey results, President Obama is ranked 13th out of all President's regarding his willingness to take risks while President Bush (W) is ranked 19th in that same category; President Obama is ranked 16th in his Domestic Accomplishments while President Reagan is ranked 23rd; President Obama is ranked as smarter, more imaginative and better able to communicate than President Clinton, to have better executive ability and better ability to handle the US economy than Reagan, and is ranked as having more experience and background preparation than George W. Bush.

Those items are obviously false.  W took far more risks than Obama has.  Reagan handled the economy far better than Obama has.  President Clinton was far better able to communicate both in prepared speeches and off-the-cuff than Obama, and President Bush came from a Presidential family and was Governor of Texas for 6 years while President Obama was a half-term senator from a family with no political history at all.

Apparently, being a presidential scholar doesn't mean putting aside your personal political feelings.

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