July 19, 2010

Breitbart and Post Racial America

Perhaps you remember back to when "60 Minutes" was a perennial number one show. How those veteran newsmen used to ambush ne're-do-wells and dig until they got to the bottom of politicians or bureaucrats or businessmen who were harming society or stealing public money or misleading consumers. The trouble these days is that the "60 Minutes" newsmen in the mainstream media (or should we move-on to the new meme, and call them the ruling-class media?) won't touch stories that might put Democrats or any other sacred cows in a bad light.

Enter Andrew Breitbart. After the NAACP passed a resolution condemning the racists elements in the Tea Parties, Breitbart's new media published a speech by a bureaucrat in the Agriculture department to the NAACP "wherein she regaled the audience with tails of sticking it to poor, white farmers. The woman has since resigned.

What's the old saw? "Black's can't be racists because they do not have the power or infrastructure to support their superiority?" "60 Minutes" won't do this story, and you can bet the network news won't play it anymore than they played the Acorn story or the New Black Panther stories. But the new media, Breitbart in particular, has blown a hole in the old saw. Perhaps we are, now, a post-racial America -- an America where every race can put the boot to every other race.

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