July 13, 2010

Modern Burda Club

I was kind of disappointed, after watching "Deadliest Warrior" the other day, to find that Amazon doesn't sell Celtic Burda Clubs. I thought it might be nice to keep one under my car seat -- one never knows when one might need a burda club.

But then I saw an add for the Razor-back Pulverizer in a magazine. I bet a Celtic warrior would rather carry the pulverizer than the burda. In addition, I don't think the burda club would be of any use prying off hubcaps.

1 comment:

Matthew Welborn said...

I would beg to differ on the usefulness of "the pulverizer" as a weapon. it's quite a few inches shorter than the Burda, so you can't get any good speed with it. not to mention the awkward angles.
I'm sure it's still great for those tough hubcaps though.