January 31, 2010

What's Next for the Tea Party Movement

A nice look ahead by Glenn Reynolds

A year ago, the Tea Party movement didn't exist. Today, it is arguably the most popular political entity in America. The movement is already more popular than the Republican or Democratic parties, according to a recent NBC / WSJ poll .

Even in blue-state California, three in 10 voters identify with the Tea Party movement.

And, of course, Scott Brown's come-from-behind blowout in Massachusetts occurred in no small part because of money and volunteers from the Tea Party movement around the nation.

As Glenn would say, "Read the whole thing."  It includes a mention of "The Contract From America" which the Tea Party is developing through democratic means -- by voting on what's most important -- not by party politics in back rooms.

For what it's worth, I really like the Scott Brown methodology, where Tea Party word of mouth (word of mouth travels fast in the Internet age) about important races and needs make a huge difference in Washington.  Who needs political parties -- just pick and support the candidates who area heading in the right direction.

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