January 14, 2010

Stuck with the Bill

The patsies catch on to Obamacare by Patrick McIlheran

So people assume, correctly, that the cost [of the health care bill] will fall on those with the least political juice. That's why middle-class people were shouting at [Senator Russ] Feingold this week. They aren't poor and sympathetic. They aren't rich enough to hire sharp tax lawyers. They aren't doctors who hire lobbyists; they aren't unions, owning lawmakers. Someone's going to get milked, and they sense a bucket headed their way.

Also, note how Congress is fiddling with the bill dropping this and that, adding this and that, in order to get it passed.  Once it does pass, you can count on all future Congresses "fine-tuning" how health care is run in America.  Plan on constant changes to your coverage, to how your doctors manage the insurance mine fields, to how your yearly, April 15th IRS adventure handles health care and to how much you will be paying.

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