January 25, 2010

Bizarro Rat Pack Pic

If you're not a Superman fan (or a Seinfeld fan), then maybe you don't understand the concept of Bizarro. Bizarro is a being who is the opposite of the original. Superman is handsome, smart and is for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Bizarro Superman is strangely cracked, rather dumb, and definitely not for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Anyway, when I saw the Flickr feed from the White House above (click on the picture to see more people comment on it at Perfunction), I had the immediate thought that it was a Bizarro version of the ultra-cool Rat Pack. It is a distinctly uncool, Bizarro version of Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Deano Martin, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford. Gibbs is the anti-Sinatra if there ever was one. Axelrod is the anti-Deano...

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