December 20, 2009

Equal Protection?

Nebraska and Vermont get a basket of goodies for health care vote.
[Nebraska] secured full federal funding to expand Medicaid coverage to all Nebraskans below 133 percent of the federal poverty level. Other states must pay [their portion to cover] the additional cost... forever.... FOREVER.

Except, of course for Vermont, which received a similar deal in exchange for it's vote.  Louisiana just went for a $300 billion gift basket.

Evan Bayh is not only selling us down the river, he's so far in the Democrat tank he didn't even get us a bribe.

These backroom bums need to all be thrown out of office.  This is straight up bribery.  How can it be constitutional, how can it be equal protection under the law, to make Hoosiers pay the health care bills for poor people in Nebraska and Vermont.  It's not.

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