November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin in Fort Wayne

It's interesting, isn't it, that Sarah Palin can attract a large, devoted crowd, but Wane TV's site attracts few positive comments and plenty of insulting ones.  The comments are under the article if you click on the link and are pretty typical of those on the Left who seek only to destroy the Palins... calling her, and those who attended, "stupid" -- here's a sample.

What a missed opportunity - we had thousands of stupid people willingly gather in one spot. We should have at least marked them with a huge MORON stamp on their heads.

She can't run her own family.

Its over? GOOD!!! The less scum we have in our great city the better.

Palin is a retard.

you mean all the idiots in fort wayne gathered in one area and i missed it!

I suspect each of the people commenting would never say such things to anyone face to face, but they clearly think such things about others.  Their comments reflect poorly on their internal lives, don't you think?

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