November 12, 2009

A Farmer's Life is not an Easy Life

In days gone by, we used to wear flannel shirts and wave bandannas and call ourselves farmers as we followed Norwell's teams through the seasons, through the years.  But most of us were not farmers... some were, but most were not.  Farming is a hard, dangerous job and perhaps only farmers can really appreciate just how dangerous putting food in all our mouths can be.  That said, kudos to Jim Blinn for not only noticing Frank Frayer was in danger, but for getting that wagon off of him

Jim Blinn, told friends he heard the man's grain auger running empty and was curious why. When he went to check on Frayer he found the man face down beneath the wagon and immediately called 911. Blinn used a backhoe to lift the wagon off Frayer before emergency workers arrived.

It occurs to me that America would do well to have a Farmer's Day, rather like Veteran's Day.  Farmer's don't face flying lead and land mines, but they do feed the world, step in front of angry bulls, abuse their bodies with hard work through much of the year regardless of the weather and often suffer injuries and health problems none of the rest of us have to face because of their hard lives.

Thanks, and thanks again to all you farmers and farming families.

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