November 24, 2009

Mending Health Care

A few nice comments by Yuval Levin

The case for Obamacare as cost reduction just won't pass the laugh test anymore, and no one seems to make it. The case for covering everyone isn't heard all that much either, since the Democrats' plans won't do that. The case for improved efficiency hasn't really survived the machinations necessary to get a bill through the House and to get another to the Senate floor — as what remains after the wheeling and dealing is anything but efficient . . .
The two basic premises the Democrats are advancing at the moment — this or nothing, and now or never — are both false. As Coburn and Troy point out, there are better ways.

That's just a bit, the rest is short and to the point click on the link to read it.  I thought I paid attention during the election in 2008, I just don't remember Health Care being the most important thing.  Certainly at the end it was all about the bailouts and housing... but during the election it seemed like Health Care was just another one of the laundry list of things being talked about... how it has suddenly become an emergency, I don't know.

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