September 1, 2008

Let Slip

A sickness slipped into American politics -- I guess it started with the contested election of 2000. I was hoping the sickness would exit the scene with the current administration, but it appears to only be getting worse. I will not link to the germ-filled posts by those who have been infected by the sickness; it has made its way to the likes of "The Atlantic" magazine, and MSNBC and FoxNews and others.... They have all reported things about the Palin family that have no business being passed on. Those who have, and those who do, should be ashamed of themselves.

I, for one, have had enough, "ENOUGH!!" As Obama said in his speech the other night. I'm out. My political thought henceforth are my own and I won't be reading or writing about the election anymore. I am innoculating myself and moving back to those days when polite people wouldn't discuss politics or religion.

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