September 27, 2008


You know, what really makes me mad about this bailout plan is all the people saying, "I told you so."  Bush told us so, trying to get the problem fixed with new legislation in 2003, but was blocked. McCain told us so, trying to fix the problem with new legislation in 2006, but was blocked.  Last night Obama told us so, saying he, "sent a letter to warn the Treasury Secretary (which is a lame way for a Senator to try to fix a problem, why wouldn't he introduce legislation to fix it?).  And there's countless more in Washington, everybody's claiming they told us so, that they saw the financial world crumbling but couldn't get agreement to do anything about it.

It's as if they want us to believe they are powerless.  Where was Bush's press conference when his legislation was blocked, why didn't he go on National TV and explain the problem and ask people to call their Congressmen to fight to get it passed?  Where was McCain's press conference, why didn't he buy some commercial time on the air and call out those who were allowing this crisis to build?  And what did Obama do besides send a letter to try to cover his own failure to do anything.  Do they think everybody watches their daily yammering on C-SPAN, where they all start out each comment saying they reserve the right to "revise and extend their remarks" -- the right to change whatever they're about to say before they even say it? 
Yeah, yeah... they all saw it coming and all these rich, powerful politicians who have had the world's ear for the last two years as they travel the country and the world displaying their qualifications and plans just happened to forget to make a point of telling us the sky falling.

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