September 15, 2008

Destroying Palin at all Cost

Some may not believe that learned people on the political Left are out to destroy Governor Sarah Palin, but what more evidence do you need to reach that conclusion beyond this essay by Catherine McNicol, a professor and chair of the history department at Connecticut College, published yesterday in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

It has been years since groups such as the Montana Militia, the Posse Comitatus and the Sagebrush Rebels, and individuals such as Terry Nichols and Ted Kaczynski have made us wonder why so many "angry white men" populated our rural regions. Many of us have forgotten the threat once posed by domestic terrorists and instead have turned our attention to foreign terrorists. But we should never forget that in the late 20th century, ultra-Christian, antistatist and white-supremacist groups flourished in the states of the Pacific Northwest - called by many the "Great White Northwest" - the very region that Sarah Palin and her family call home.

Some simply hated the federal government, like Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge, Idaho, a survivalist whose wife and child died when their compound was fired upon by FBI agents attempting to arrest him on gun charges. "Whether we live or whether we die," Weaver said, "we will not obey this lawless government."

Other groups, like the Aryan Nation, with headquarters in Hayden Lake, Idaho, actively planned to rid the United States of African Americans, Jews, and other "non-Aryan" peoples. A few carried out their plans, murdering Jewish radio host Alan Berg in Denver, the Goldmark family in Seattle, an African American state trooper in Arkansas, Fish and Wildlife officials and FBI agents in Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana, and more than 160 federal employees and their children in Oklahoma City.

OK, there you go... Sarah Palin is from the same stock as mass murderers, white supremicists and various other whackos because she lives in the Northwest (do you consider Alaska as the Northwest?  I don't, it's a totally different locale.)  I'm sure Ms. McNicol's next article will deal with mob-crime in Illinois over the years and how Senator Obama is not on record decrying Al Capone and his ilk. 

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