June 3, 2008

Senate Begins Debate

The Senate has opened debate on a Global Warming Bill
The measure’s sponsors say the nation must take immediate action to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions, but many senators in both parties see the legislation as an expensive long-term plan that would do little to solve today’s energy supply and price problems. In fact, the legislation is not expected to pass in the Senate this year.

The debate, which could last all week, will force senators to take a stand on some of the most difficult, expensive and potentially life-altering questions the world will face in coming decades.

My question? Why do the Global Warmers always focus their laws on preventing the CO2 from entering the atmosphere? The Warmers try to run energy companies out of business, they try to mandate cars and buses no one wants or can afford, they try to criminalize the standard of living they themselves have. Why don't they just pass laws that mandate the temperature they want and penalize the cities, or states (or countries) that exceed the required temperature? Wouldn't this avoid the whole argument about cause and singling out specific criminal industries?

What temperature should Congress mandate for Indiana?

I'd like the temperature in Indiana to be 70

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