June 2, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

If you haven't been following the case, Mark Steyn is a Canadian journalist who rights for Macleans, which is a Canadian magazine. Mark Steyn's articles and books about the rise of Islamofascism (see "America Alone: the End of the World as We Know it," for example) as they appeared in articles in Macleans, has been submitted to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal as hate speech by some young Muslims in Canada. Other journalists and bloggers have been silenced in just this same way in Canada, but the Human Rights Tribunal has never gone after such a large magazine and such a famous journalist. It seems a lot of the complaints are not about Steyn's original writing, but rather his quoting what different Mullah's have stated in different countries. So this is an attempt to silence someone who is reporting on the Muslim world.

The Human Rights Tribunal, from what I understand, is not like a court -- the Tribunal is, if you will, above the law. It's purpose is to stop hate speech, stop people's feelings from being hurt, and the law makers and law keepers in Canada are duty-bound to follow the ruling of the Tribunal even though it is not a court.

Anyway, at long last, the hearing is underway.

3:26 PM
All of this, so far, is within their rights. They have a right to be offended by Steyn’s piece. They have a right to complain about it, to denounce it, argue against it, ridicule it, and so on. They also have a right to issue whatever outrageous demands to Maclean’s they like, just as Maclean’s has a right to give these the back of their hand. What they don’t, or shouldn’t have a right to do is what happened next: taking their case to the cops. Or rather not the cops, but multiple human rights tribunals.

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