June 9, 2008

Men Built for Others

The Bluffton basketball team opted out of a tournament they were scheduled to attend this last weekend in order to serve the community after the storms.

Barker and his players were supposed to travel to Indiana Wesleyan University Saturday to play in a tournament with 24 other teams, including several big schools. The Tigers, who posted a perfect 21-0 record this past season before losing to the eventual state champion in the sectional finals, were going to challenge such teams as Kokomo and Indianapolis' Arsenal Technical School.

But after the fast-moving line of thunderstorms dumped more than 1⁄4-inch of rain with winds in excess of 60 mph that knocked out power to thousands and downed trees and power lines, a basketball game didn't seem too important to Campbell.

"This is our community and we have always been men built for others," Campbell said Saturday morning as he helped move limbs from a downed tree.

"We knew a lot of people needed help today because they were unable to do it themselves. We wanted to help other people as much as possible. Basketball doesn't seem that important when you think about what's going on in the community."

That's nothing but class.  Well done, Bluffton!

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