April 10, 2011

Energy Consumption

I'm a sucker for an excellent chart... the one above, from 2009 (click on it to make it bigger), is chock full of great information. Facts like 8.3 percent of our energy supply in America is Nuclear and it makes up 22 percent of our electricity is quite interesting. I only wish it had more depth, allowing one to tunnel down further into how energy is used in America. It would be nice, for example, to drill down on the renewable energy sources used in America to find out that burning wood and water dams make up 50% and 35% of our renewable energy respectively while solar power makes up just 1 percent (1% of 7.7% of our energy comes from solar or 0.00077 of our energy) Or that 59% of petroleum used in transportation goes to gasoline, 20% goes to diesel and 11% goes to jet fuel.

72 percent of petroleum used in America goes to transportation and of that 72 percent, 30 percent goes to light trucks, SUVs, etc., 28 percent goes to cars, 19 percent to big trucks, construction equipment, etc. and 9 percent to airplanes.

Update: Another portrait of the same data, with the addition of efficiency loss:

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