April 20, 2011

Do twisty bulbs release carcinogens?

What will it take for Congress to ACT and repeal the incandescent light bulb ban?  How about new studies showing the twisty bulbs release several carcinogenic chemicals when they are switched on and advice that you shouldn't use them in unventilated areas or anywhere near your head?  For crying out loud!

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Panta Rei said...

That's just the start of it!

More on the health and fire risks with CFLs, with case references and documentation...

not forgetting LEDs, also on the website, with research references:
Lead, arsenic and other toxic LED content, home breakage and disposal concerns

There's an irony there somewhere,
banning simple safe known technology in favor of unknown and seemingly unsafe technology
- normally of course products are banned for being unsafe to use (like lead paint).

It is a "ban":
Temporarily allowed (2016 EU, 2020 USA) and unpopular Halogen etc incandescents are themselves more complex and costly and with a
different whiter light, for marginal savings, compared to the simple, cheap, popular regular incandescent types.