December 30, 2010

Service Lost

The idea that county, city, state and federal workers are performing a public service is being lost. To have NYC workers purposefully delay clearing the roads shows just how ill the relationship between governmnent workers and the people they serve can get. The fact that people's lives are in jeopardy, with emergency vehicles unable to reach those in need -- appears to be less important than padding paychecks and union loyalties.

Out in the heartland, where this infection of losing the concept of service has not yet taken hold, workers, both volunteer and paid, still rise in the night to put out fires, still offer up their four-wheel drives to reach those in need and still push back snow and fix water, electric and gas leaks and remove waste tirelessly. And the public they serve still appreciates and honors them. Budget shortfalls will put a strain on this relationship between service providers and the public they serve... public displays of appreciation is one way to let hard workers and life riskers know the difference they make.

So as the end of the year comes near -- thank you, thank you to all of you in county, city, state and federal government -- as well as those who volunteer as fire fighters, hospital workers, social workers, teachers and aids -- who are doing your best, working your hardest, in service to the public. Don't take complaints about the worst of you as definition of your efforts.

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