December 31, 2010

2010 Warmest Ever?

USA Today says that 2010 might just be the warmest year since record keeping began:

This will be the 34th consecutive year that the global temperature will be above average, according to the data center. The last below-average year was 1976.

I'm sure you folks in Florida agree, yes? Frost on the windows doesn't mean we're not getting warmer, after all... yeah, right.

Take a look at the chart up top. If 2010 is the warmest year since record keeping began (in 1880, evidently), it will still rank as one of the coldest years in the last 10,500 years. Click on the chart for more information, but the key trick here, as always, is to throw away the entire history of the Earth up until the year 1880 and then claim this year is horribly hot.

Of the past 10,500 years, 9,100 (87 percent) were warmer than 2010. Now, be scared and do as the government says.

2010 as the warmest year is put to rest by Christopher Monckton

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