September 30, 2010

StuxNet Paranoia

Chris Carter writes in the US Report that the StuxNet virus that infected the Iranian nuclear power plant may also make the Iranians paranoid.

American companies are under constant cyber-attack by the Chinese... it's a story the culture-obsessed media is failing to cover. The attacks are like a buzzing of gnats all around our business culture and it take constant effort to protect our computers and data from theft and destruction.

But just as when modern American warfare capabilities were put on full display in the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan and it became clear what smart-bomb technology can/could/did do to our enemies -- taking them apart with the precision of a circus knife thrower, so this StuxNet virus shows what truly advanced cyber warfare looks like. We don't know, today, which Iranian enemy planted the virus, but let's hope it's either us, or an ally of ours. And let's hope that along with the development of this virus (which can wreak havoc on systems controlling infrastructure) an antidote was developed, as well.

Iranians seek help, but no white flag yet.

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