June 3, 2010

Obama's Global Test

Turkey, long a friend and stable ally in the Middle East, is turning to the dark side... will Obama stand with Israel?  Will he lay down the law to Turkey?

It is insipid of the media to continue to refer to Turkey as one of Israel's last allies in the Middle East. An ally does not publicly rebuke fellow heads of state. An ally does not run TV programs on state television that depict Israeli soldiers as baby-killers. And an ally certainly does not do its best to facilitate the running of a legitimate embargo, over the repeated requests of its ally not to do so.

The flotilla was a deliberate set up. Turkey knowingly put Israel into an untenable position. Like other Islamist leaders, Erdogan knowingly put his citizens' lives at risk to strengthen his position domestically, and his image internationally.

Past decisions of our government with respect to military sales to Turkey and going to haunt us before this is over.

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