June 15, 2010

Obama: Americans stay out of Southern Arizona

The movie Escape from New York is a classic I've enjoyed watching many times over the years.  In the movie, America has walled off Manhattan Island, using it as a place to which prisoners and the unwanted can be banished.  The island wasn't like a prison, though, where people pay a price for their crimes and then return to society... it was a place of anarchy, where the only law was the strongest get what they want and from which no one ever escapes.

Little did I ever think that the American government would give up part of our country in real life like the President is giving up on Southern Arizona.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised... this is the type of solution the President wants for Israel as well -- some other country encroaches upon yours with guns and bombs and crime?  Don't fight back... just get out and let them have it.

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