March 15, 2010

Health Care RoadMap

The President wants a simple up-or-down vote on the Health Care bill... but here is the process the Democrats are using:

1.  The Democrats will pass the House Health Care bill (2300+ pages with the Public Option, etc... everything they want in the House).
2.  The bill then goes to the Rules Committee where it will be stripped of House content and Senate content will be inserted (or whatever content the Democrats in the Senate and the House have agreed upon).
3.  This new bill will then go to the Senate as a Budget bill and be passed by reconciliation where only 50 votes are needed to pass it.
4.  Since the House and Senate have passed the "same bill," the President will sign it into law.

It doesn't matter, evidently, that the bill the House passed was not the bill they voted on.  It  doesn't matter that nobody knows what the House Rules committee is inserting into the bill.  So the process that begins today is both the Slaughter trick (the house passing the Senate Bill without voting on it -- they vote on a Bill the House likes, then remove the content and insert the Senate Bill), and then will use reconciliation to get through the Senate.

Everyone on the Hill knows this is what's going on... and they seem to think we don't care.

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