March 10, 2010

Fishing is the least of it

Dave Poff has an interesting article of links about this fishing brouhaha and how it's just the tip of the Obama iceberg with respect to the president's plan to manage the nation's waterways.  The plan, which would not be going before Congress but would rather be signed into law with an Executive Order (the sweep of the emperor's hand), creates nine regions, each region containing states along a coastal area to be managed by an associated regional group via national guidelines (kind of like how our school systems work now...).  Indiana is in the "Great Lakes Region" since we touch Lake Erie.  Will the Federal Government thus manage Indiana's water?  Here's what the document says,

consideration of inland activities would be necessary to account for the significant interaction between upstream activities and ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes uses and ecosystem health.

So yes, the inland water in Indiana and 33 other states would be managed by these new regional governing bodies.  Should we worry?  Well, it's one thing for a President like Teddy Roosevelt to say he wants to keep our waterways safe -- Teddy was a hunter and outdoorsman.... ever see a picture of President Obama with a fishing pole?  On skis?  Camping?

I did see a picture of him walking in the surf once.

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