September 29, 2009

Lugarol, the Farm Bill, and you

Senator Lugar has asked the EPA to increase the demand for ethanol by increasing the amount of ethanol in gasoline from 10% to 15%. Senator Lugar also wants the federal government to provide more incentives for car companies to develop vehicles that run on a variety of fuels, including ethanol. How have we let our government grow from a Grover Cleveland who wouldn't by $10,000 worth of seeds for farmers, to our present day Farm Bill that subsidizes corn, sugar, rice, cotton and idle land to the tune of billions of dollars a year? Senator Lugar fancies himself a centrist... when did centrists come to believe the Feds pay farmers to grow corn, pay industries to turn that corn into fuel, control the gas mixtures across the country and pay auto companies to build cars that run on corn?

Corn is in almost everything nowadays, in our fuel and in most of our food (even food that has nothing to do with corn). We even feed our cows and pigs corn. Why? Because the government subsidizes corn to the point where our land and our people are becoming sick with it.

Senator Lugarol -- sometimes, every now and then... a centrist says, "No." Even if it makes some people unhappy, even if some people suffer hardships, even if you lose the next election... sometimes the right vote is to reduce the size of government.

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