September 21, 2009

Earth approaching sunspot records

As Congress and the President try again to push through a Cap and Trade tax, remember, the Earth is actually cooling, and it might be cooling a lot more.

The sun is at a low point of a deep solar minimum in which there are few to no sunspots on its surface.

In July through August, 51 consecutive days passed without a spot, one day short of tying the record of 52 days from the early 1900s.

As of Sept. 15, the current solar minimum ranks third all-time in the amount of spotless days with 717 since 2004. There have been 206 spotless days in 2009, which is 14th all-time. But there are still more than 100 days left in the year, and Perry expects that number to climb.

Much evidence exists that the Earth cools during periods when there are no sunspots... sometimes it cools a lot.

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