May 6, 2009

Senator Lugar's Conflict of Interest

It appears Senator Lugar backs cap and trade laws that end up making him money since he has over 600 acres of farmland. So the Senator, like so many other congressmen, stands to personally profit from his climate votes that will push Indiana businesses further down the pit.
Three years ago, Lugar, who grows corn, soybeans and trees on his family's 604 acres of property in Marion County, Ind., became the first farmer in his state to sign up with the new commodity market called the Chicago Climate Exchange, which is likely to play a major role in President Obama's $650 billion cap-and-trade initiative. In the process, Lugar became what the exchange called an offset producer, entitling him to a financial reward in return for keeping his part of his property untouched.

I'm sure he'll click glasses over lunch with all the other of his kind who enrich themselves while in office.

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