May 10, 2009

Hydrogen Fuels Cells Thrown Under the Bus

Not only has the Obama administration stripped funding for Yucca Mountain (thus putting a damper on furthering our nuclear energy production), it has now stripped funding for hydrogen fuel cells for future cars.  The Administration prefers to focus on projects that will bear fruit more quickly.

On the other hand, experimenting on human embryos (which have resulted in little but cancer in the recipients while adult stem cells have resulted in actual cures) is just fine and dandy.

Yucca Mountain, which would benefit all parts of America, is a decent project for federal research grants (or tax breaks).  Experimentation if hydrogen fuel cells, also, would benefit all.  Both efforts would increase our energy independence and both projects are green.  Just like states that find themselves short of funds always threaten to cut police, firemen and teachers, Obama cuts the needed projects first, so everyone will understand increased taxes are needed.

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