April 19, 2009

Fort Wayne Tea Party

I didn't go to the Tea Party in Fort Wayne yesterday, but this article says that nearly 1,000 people did.  The picture above is from the "My Two Cents Worth" blog. 

The question "Who is John Gault" is from Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged."  People ask the question, "Who is John Gault" in the book kind of like a replacement for "who can say?" or "Who knows why this is happening to America."  Simplifying the book more than it can, or should be simplified, the character, John Gault, represents a capable person who stops being capable, stops working so hard, stops trying because most of society allows, wants even, the government to take his money, his inventions, his profits to pay for those who are less capable, who aren't even trying, who are content to live off the energies of those who are driven to work hard and be successful.  In the book, successful people are vilified as "the rich" like so many today vilify CEO's... but as more and more successful people "go John Gault" (stop working so hard so they can lower their tax bracket or so society will stop hating them), society falls further and further apart.

I think Fort Wayne should have held the Tea Party on Tax Day like the rest of the country.

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