April 6, 2009

An elusive bird with a siren song

From the Augusta Chronicle: A Corrupt Washington is Paying Us Hush Money

Career politicians are spending the country to near-bankruptcy as they feather their own nests, tighten their leash on our necks and pat us on the head. They take our money, bend it to their will, then return small portions of it at their discretion to make us feel it has all been worth it...

Washington is over $10 trillion in debt already. The Obama budget blueprint calls for adding another $9 trillion to that debt in the next 10 years. And the country is already facing untold trillions -- $60 trillion or more -- in Medicare and Social Security promises we've made to future retirees, money for which we have no identifiable source. Meanwhile, with the power to give out our money as they wish, congressmen take campaign money from lobbyists and industries they regulate.

Do you know where your Tea Party is being held in April? In Fort Wayne, there's one on April 18th, starting at 11am at the Courthouse. In Indy, it's at 2pm on April 15th.

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