January 27, 2009

Norwell Principal on the hot seat

From News Channel 15:

Norwell Principal Greg Mohler asked the board to wait until Friday to decide whether or not to renew his contract. But that didn't stop over 100 students and parents from coming out and speaking on his behalf.

Students and parents showed up Tuesday night looking for answers....

Newschannel 15 asked the tough question. Why would Principal Mohler be let go, but we couldn't get the answer.

"Well that would be a personnel matter, and I'm not at liberty to discuss anything that's personnel related," said Northern Wells Superintendent Dr. Scott Mills.

It sounds like this meeting was a pretty one-sided affair, as these things always are, because neither the school board nor the superintendent are about to discuss personnel matters in a public forum. Employers all across the country are in the same boat... if you speak ill about any aspect of an employee's performance, you get sued... if you say nothing, you get hated by those who don't have all the facts. These types of School Board vs. Students showdowns over teacher/administrator contracts are just a fact of life in our litigious society, made all the worse by the passions of young adults.

In the end, though, the news media and students and parents all focus on Superintendent Mills and the School Board -- asking them why questions no employer can answer... neither the media, nor the kids seem to realize that Principal Mohler knows why this action is being taken and he's fully free to discuss it. If he's unwilling to discuss why his contract might be terminated, that says something.

From NewsChannel 21: Are Big Changes in store for Norwell?

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