November 28, 2011

An Open Letter to Dr. Phil Jones

Willis Eschenbach (a statistician), writes an open letter to Dr. Phil Jones (a climatologist).  No matter what you think of Eschenbach or the case for Man-Made Global Warming, the hiding and lying of the scientists involved, revealed in ClimateGate email releases I and II give a black eye to the scientific method we all learned in school:

"But in any case, only scientists with something to hide need privacy to have a "free and frank discussion" about science. Honest scientists have no reason to hide their views. Honest scientists discuss these scientific issues on the web in the full light of day. Why on earth would someone need privacy to discuss the intricacies of the climate models? Do you really have to go into a closet with your best friend to speak your true mind about atmospheric physics? Is it true that you guys actually need some kind of 'private space' to expose your secret inner ideas about the factors affecting the formation of clouds? From my perspective, these kinds of private discussions are not only not what is needed. This two-faced nature of you guys' statements on the science are a large part of the problem itself."

It is a long, revealing and fascinating letter and you don't need to understand the science to understand what's been going on.

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