October 18, 2011

They're Just Pretending Not To Get It

I saw NBC's David Gregory interview Herman Cain over the weekend.
Cain has a plan to replace the Federal Tax Structure -- to get rid of
the whole Federal Tax Code, the IRS, the Estate Tax, Capital Gains
Taxes -- and replace it with flat taxes and a national sales tax.
Gregory was unable to understand that this has nothing to do with
State Taxes no matter how plainly Cain stated it... to the point that
Gregory appeared either dense or was purposely trying to confuse
everyone. And now this quote appears from Cain saying that putting a
national sales tax on top of our current structure would be the worst
idea and they play this up as Cain attacking his own plan... but
Cain's plan isn't to put a national sales tax on top of the IRS
structure, clearly, obviously, his plan is to replace all that. I
don't care what you think of the GOP or Herman Cain, but this business
of the media acting too dense to understand plain English is just

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