February 21, 2011

The Death of the Music Industry

A very interesting article at Business Insider on the death of the music industry.  As you can see, people aren't spending near as much as they used to.  The article thinks this is due to people only  downloading individual songs instead of entire albums.  There are tons of charts and facts in the article, but still, I think, something is missing.

I'd like to see similar charts for different styles of music.  I have the impression, and perhaps it's just me, that the music industry spends a lot of money on the technology of recording and post-processing music.  Perhaps this is sustainable for artists who hit a sweet spot in the population (like we Baby Boomers), but is unsustainable for niche markets.  The music industry rose with the Baby Boomers, spiked when we converted our favorite albums to CD, and now falls as fewer pop artists try to please us. 

Just a thought.

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