October 20, 2010

Fearful Weather

I've always thought the best thing about the weather is that people accept it for what it is. You don't deal with the weather the way you deal with people, you look outside, measure the sky and act accordingly. Oh, you can plan a bit -- buy a generator, store some water and food, keep a stock of candles just in case -- but nobody has preconceptions about weather months, let alone years, in advance. They just step outside and accept it.

But now we're constantly told to be afraid. Just today, we're told, we can look forward to extreme drought as hasn't every been seen in the Western Hemisphere, with the western two thirds of America looking like Death Valley for decades and decades -- coming to a theater near you in 20 years or so.

The thing is, scientists are people, too. If world governments dangle billions of dollars in front of the scientific community to research Climate Change... you can bet there will be plenty of reasons found for further research. 95% of the climate models being used to predict future climate have failed to match observations. Propounding the worst as justification for action not likely to alter the outcome doesn't work forever... eventually people step outside and let the fall breeze tousle their hair...and they smile.

Update: Do we even measure precipitation properly?

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