August 17, 2010

Mosque Triangulation?

Jim Geraghty's readers think President Obama came out in favor of the Ground Zero Mosque to "open up an easy way for Democrats to distance themselves from the administration in a manner that is likely to have minimal long-term consequences."

If true, the danger of this gambit is that it might turn out like the "Spongebob Squarepants" episode, "I'm with Stupid."  Spongebob volunteers to pretend to be stupid for Patrick's parents so Patrick will seem to be smarter in comparison.  Trouble starts when the lame-brained Patrick forgets that Spongebob's only pretending to be stupid and goes on-and-on about how idiotic Spongebob is and always has been.

So, in this case, Harry Reid is playing the IQ challenged starfish to President Obama's sponge-pretending-to-be-stupid.  Once Leader-Reid gets a taste of being the smart one, will he find it hard to stop?  Will the Reid-starfish will go on a tear about how lame the Incentive package is, how stupid the Obama-sponge was to push Health Care through over the will of the people, how moronic the Administration was during the oil spill?  You get the idea... suddenly triangulation becomes a haunting ring of laughter in the President's ears when he's trying to sleep nights.

Just for the record, I disagree with Geraghty's readers... I don't think the President is pretending to be out of touch with the American people.  He's not that good an actor.

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