December 11, 2008

Area Basketball Rankings

Boys' Rankings

  • 4A:  Snider is 14th, NorthSide is 27th, Northrop is 37th, Homestead is 53rd, Carroll is 58th, SouthSide is 95th
  • 3A:  Wayne is 4th,  Bishop Dwenger is 6th, Elmhurst is 33rd, New Haven is 49th, Concordia is 55th, Bellmont is 66th
  • 2A:  Bishop Luers is 2nd, Bluffton is 13th, South Adams is 68th, Woodlan is 71st, Adams Central is 86th
  • 1A:  Blackhawk is 7th, Canterbury is 29th, Southern Wells is 38th, Keystone is 73rd

Girls' Rankings

  • 4A:  SouthSide is 15th, Homestead is 39th, Snider is 45th, Carroll is 63rd, Northrop is 77th, NorthSide is 82nd
  • 3A:  Emhurst is 3rd, Norwell is 4th, Concordia is 25th, Bellmont is 30th, Bishop Dwenger is 58th, Heritage is 68th, Wayne is 90th
  • 2A:  Bishop Luers is 15th, Woodlan is 65th, South Adams is 73rd, Bluffton is 81st, Adams Central is 98th
  • 1A:  Southern Wells is 9th, Canterbury is 15th, Blackhawk is 55th

It's a bit harder to follow the games this year since the News-Banner has gone to pdf subscription only format on-line.  But the Norwell girls are looking good and the Bishop Luers boys are averaging a 30 point blowout-win per game, they are averaging 90 points a game to their opposition's 60.  The Norwell Girls advantage per game is averaging nearly 22 points.

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