October 19, 2008

Powell endorses Obama

Ex-General, Ex-Secretary-of-the-State Colin Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President this morning... he seemed none to happy with the McCain camp going negative on Obama's past. 

This is a big endorsement.  My only disagreement with General Powell is that McCain has been hamstrung throughout the campaign by a national press corps that is willing to say and print anything and everything about McCain-Palin and anyone remotely connected to them, while ignoring similar coverage of Obama-Biden.  I mean, the NYT has gone to town, printing front page stories about false accusations of a McCain affair, stories about McCain's wife's past addictions and endless analysis into the Palin family and Alaskan politics.... but they have printed nothing similar about Obama's past illegal drug use, Chicago politics, or his past associations.  With the table slanted so far in one direction, McCain has often had to play the part of the press in this campaign, to his own detriment, at times.

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