November 25, 2007

224: Mason Dixon Line

The original Mason-Dixon line was a dividing line between the culture of the Northern States and the culture of the Southern States. In the article below, Mark Miller discusses 124 as a Mason-Dixon line in Adams County (dividing the culture of Decatur and the culture of Berne) and 224 as the Mason-Dixon line in Wells County (dividing the culture of Bluffton and the culture of Ossian).

An interesting article regarding the political impact of improving 224 vs. Road 1 to 469

The option that seemed to be focused upon most — Hwy. 224 from Markle to Ind. 1— was never labeled “Bluffton’s plan” (at least in our report) and in fact included improvements to Ind. 1 north to Ossian that would be equal to any proposed improvements south to Bluffton.

Certainly, Bluffton officials want to encourage as much business development within their borders as possible, Ossian’s as well. In my ten years here, I have always had the sense — perhaps naive — that everyone was pretty much on the same page: that we are a “county community” as opposed to a county with two communities.

Once again, my thanks to the Bluffton News-Banner for its large and well written collection of local news and sports.

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